Create an Automatic Form in Excel

When you dealing with a large quantity on data, the automatic form can ease the process of finding and editing.

You are able to add a form button to your quick access toolbar that will allow you to create the auto form easily.

  • To access the form go to your Quick Access Tool bar and click the list arrow.
  • Select More Commands

  • From this dialogue box, select "All Commands"

  • From the new list Select the Command Form and click "Add>>" and click O.K.

  • Return to your data sheet
  • Select all your data
  • Select the entire first row and then press ctrl - shift -down arrow
  • The entire range of your data will be selected, click the form button on your Quick Access Tool bar

  • The data entry form will be presented
  • This form will allow you to enter new data, delete date and search the data by specific categories

  • Once this command appears in your quick access tool bar, you will be able to access the form anytime you come across large data sheets.

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